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Press coverage:

Irish Daily Mirror, Main section, Electric Picnic image: 03/09/09

Guardian- – Glastonbury – June 2009

Hot Press Magazine, Image of Electric Picnic installation: 04/03/10

The Southern Star, Ireland, Section 1, Bantry House and Garden Exhibition Coverage, Full page spread: 23/10/10

The Southern Star, Ireland, Section 1, ‘Award winning sculptures..’: 19/11/11

The Southern Star, Ireland, Chaumont coverage: 31/03/12

The Sunday Times, Ireland, Home Supplement- : 13/05/12

The Metr0- June 2015


T.V. Coverage:

BBC Two Gardener’s world, RHS show ‘Tatton Park’ Special, Opening shot, with Monty Don interview for two episodes: 21/07/12 & 22/07/12 ( )

C4 ‘Summer Daze’ filmed within the Dome and Pods at the Boomtown Fair Festival, Hampshire: 12/08/12 ( )

The Green House, Newington Green, London,-

Internet coverage:

Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Arts 2009:

Bloom 2010:

Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Arts 2010:

Electric Picnic 2010:

Bantry House exhibition 2010

Bloom 2011:

Tatton Park 2011:

Chaumont 2012:

Shambala 2014

shambala 2014 cover page

The 2015

Glasto 2015




Home and Build Magazine-

ITV 3 Friday 25th September- The Seven O’clock Show- Collaboration with Dermot Gavins team


Micheal D Higgins-  President of Ireland at the Pods


Marks Hall Sculpture exhibition-


Glastonbury Festival website 2017-

Summer 2016

Doddington Hall sculpture exhibition featured artist –

Latitude –

Bloom in the Park-

Cork Environmental Forum-


International Press articles- From Chaumont Sur Loire

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