The Pods – Living and Integrative Sculpture

The Design

The Pods are designed around the proportions of the naturally occurring Golden Ratio. From the outside the ‘Pod’ seems to be a giant fruit like vessel of growing sedum and moss. A copper trimmed entrance way gives access to the space within, a haven and comfortable space for quiet meditation.


The Materials

Each ‘Pod’ is individual and handmade from the forged steel spiral frame, to the recycled tractor inner tubes stretched over the frame. The different layers and membrane between them makes them well insulated for sound and temperature. The interior material is hard wearing, stain and water resistant and comfortable.

  • Exterior suitable for plant growth
  • Irrigation system to recycle water
  • Wired for sound and lighting (solar energy or 240v­12v step down)


Rental and Installation

The ‘Pods’ are available for rental.

Installation will be designed to fit the situation.


Email for a quote.

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