The process- Constructing the sculpture

Image from the Guardian 2009

22 Apr The process- Constructing the sculpture

The process of transforming a two dimensional idea into a large scale 3 Dimensional sculpture, and often with a  very limited budget has been a rewarding challenge. Its an explorative process and would not be possible without a number of passionate volunteers. Not one piece of work is of a single material or the same and balancing hard steel with softer materials such as bog wood, stretch fabric and plant life, can lead to some unusual techniques. We won’t claim to be carbon neutral, but our  environmental ethic is better than most and its message is of an appreciation for the wild. It often leads down some very convoluted routes, with the use of recycled materials and an openness to change but this seems very apt when our focus is on organic growth.


. The difference between this and design is the explorative nature of the process and if any one asks why, then ask yourself ‘what makes you feel whole?’